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Soup's   Buds

People love me! Awwwww!

Carey: The coolest person I know. Could it be, um, I don't know...SATAN?! <--our first inside joke. Sweet! WOO-HOO! Ex-boyfriends really blow, you know that right? Anyway. Let's be careful next time we bring pictures to school ok? Walks up to the car, peers in, and, "Uh, guys? I don't think they're done yet." Be careful when being thrown into bushes on the side of the road! Don't drop the...wrench. Minkque, SINQUE, and DINKEY! Carey-Ray and Lee-Lay! HORN-DAWGNUT SISTAZ!!!

Emily: the Lord & High Commander of Webpages. Thanx for doin' my pages! One of these days, I'll understand my computer, I swear!! Sometimes, you scare me, A LOT!! FINGERPAINT!!! Did you know that you lose braincells by doing headbangs? I guess Rachel Fabian did way too many of those!!

Melissa: My very close (close to me, not my height) friend. Gulf Shores, Eddie, Doonie, Angelo, Rod, Alan, Blondie, Zack, Zack's "little friend", & Eric! Oh! And who could forget RICKY COOPER & HIS SHOES (don't ask)?!! Meli, my 'lil crypta, "you're very pleasant to be around."

James: Jimmy Al is my best friend in the whole world. Hey! Ya wanna go to the computer room? SHA!! YOU ROCK, Jimmy!!!

Jennifer: MOTHER! EAT THE COOKIE! GO ON! EAT IT!! CHRIS-TO-PHER!! Flowers in the Attic. Sweet. That was ABSOLUTELY.......insane.

Rachel: This would be Buggs. She's an Audio Adrenalin FREAK!! But, I can't blame her - Ben Cissel is the drummer (he's a hottie). AND Buggs is an Ivy-League Prostitute! LOL!

Nick: This is my Nikolai. He is not only one of the best friends I have, but also the GodMother of my son, Cecil Roberto, or was it Roberto Cecil....named after his wonderful GodMother, of course!!! SOOKA!!! Nikolai and I (Svetlana) love to talk to each other in Russian. It's fun...Hope you enjoy that Russian Dictionary I got ya for yer B-Day! Love ya!!!

Corey: Probably one of the best friends I've ever had. He has always and will always be able to make me laugh whenever I'm feeling like crap. The best advice giver in the world. And DEFINITELY the PERFECT ex-boyfriend.

Andy: Here's Andy. I met him at Eli's pah-tay...which, needless to say sucked until the very end...hehe. Anyway. I said it before, and dangit, I'm gonna say it again..."Hey Eli, you know what would go great on those tacos?" "Some 'Non-Dairy Creamer'?" "Naw, man, SALT. What the hell you talkin' 'bout Non-Dairy Creamer? That's nasty. What the hell is wrong with you?" HEHE...Andy is my official Star Wars Buddy. That was fun, wasn't it? Well, except for the fact that there were 7 and 8 year olds running all over the place!! EL CHICO'S FOREVER!!! WOOHOO!! Kinky! And Andy and I are gonna be married on February 19, 2010!! I cannot wait!

Carl: This would be Carl, my boyfriend. He goes to my new school, St. Benedict and is on the football team...#64! WOOHOO!!! Anyway, he's my big teddybear and an excelent poet.

Mandy: BONNIE! She also goes to SBA with me. She is my partner in crime. LEE+CARL=4 EVER!!! MOTTA+BURT=4 EVER!!!

Some of my buds have websites. To see zee links, go here.