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Me   Me   Me!

HeyHey! Well, I guess since you're at MY web page and, if you aren't one of friends, have ABSOLUTELY no idea who I am exactly, then I should introduce myself. "Allow myself to introduce...myself." LOL Anyway. My name's Lee Campbell. I'm a Junior (11th grader for all you REALLY smart people out there) at St. Benedict at Auburndale in Memphis, TN. No, we're NOT hicks down here...well, MOST of us aren't anyway. I'm 16 years old. And I have yet to get my PERMIT!!! I know it's horrid, but are FRESHMEN, SOPHOMORES, AND CHEERLEADERS!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Anyway! As most of you can probably tell, I've been doing some major work on my old pages and, hopefully, add some new ones soon.

I swear that I'll have pix of me and my buds and peeps up just as soon as I get that scanner that I'm asking my 'rents for, for my Birthday.

My   Stats:

FULL NAME: Elizabeth Lee Campbell
NICKNAME(s): Soupy (duh); Widget; Lee-Lay; DawgNutz; LeeLee; LeeStar; Foo'; Clyde; Campbell (how original!); Worm; Libby; Mrs. Philippoussis/Rafter/Embry/Gambill/Haas(Tommy OR Lukas)/etc...
BIRTHDAY: March 30, 1983
SCHOOL: St. Benedict at Auburndale
GRADE: 11th
MOST PRIZED POSSESSION(s): My swim trophies, medals, and ribbons; tennis racquet; Mark Philippoussis pic, autographs, and wristband--which are all framed and hanging up on my wall; Fuel pic and signed frisbee; the necklace that I'm wearing right now
MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIANCE: Well, I don't think I'll tell the whole world about it, but I WILL tell you what it involved....Johnny Rocket's parking lot, Jason's car, Me, Melissa, Martin, Jason, and John, Toilet Paper, Eggs, and Will Carter's house....and dad
MOST NON-MEMERABLE EXPERIANCE: Again...I can't tell the whole world, but it involved the following: Rachel Bernstein, Ben, Sam, Samantha, Me, and Becky, Rachel's Birthday, My house, Johnny Rocket's, etc..