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"Thah's   a   penguin   on   tha   tellie!"

Here are the links to my favorite Tv shows and networks. ENJOY!

My Snazzy List of TV Links

Everything you ever wanted to know about the stars of Fox's hit show MadTV. It also has some schtuff on my fave characters; everyone from Ms. Swan to the UBS Guy, from the Wigger Chicks to Antonia
TRL, Jams Countdown, Music Videos(occasionally)...WE MISS YOU JESSE!!!
Top Ten Videos, Behind The Music, Where Are They Now?, Before They Were Stars, etc.
Comedy Central
South Park, The Daily SHow, Strangers With Candy, DANA CARVEY, etc.
E! Entertainment Television
Talk Soup, NIght Stand, Behind The Scenes, Coming Attractions, etc.
Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, I Love Lucy, The Jeffersons, The Brady Bunch...I REALLY miss Welcome Back Kotter
Cartoon Network
Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast, Dexter's Laboratory, Speed Racer, Sailer Moon, etc.
Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, Friends, 3rd Rock, Will and Grace, Just Shoot Me, etc.