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AlWayS UnDeR C0nStRuCti0n!

Ladies and Gentlemen....I have FINALLY updated this here web page!! You should all be SO proud. (Um, hint, hint-this is your cue to stand up and cheer)

But anyway....

WELCOME!!! Have a seat, take a load off, grab a Dr. Pepper (but don't spill it on da comp!), and relax, 'cuz once you've may NEVER go back!!! HaHAHahaHahAHAHahAHAhahahAHa!!!!!!!! (evil laugh)

"YoU cAN cheCK Out AnY tiME YOU WaNt, bUt yOU CAn nEVeR lEAvE."

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I'd like to make a shout-out to all my G's, peeps, and homies, which include: Carey-Ray, Jimmy Al, Jenn, Nikolai, Meli, Carl, Motta, Pearson, Joey, Connie, Kim, Bret, John, David, Taylor, Brenna, Mary, Mandy, Dolly, Laura, Lezlee, Khari, Jeff, Aaron, Dee, Emily, Shawn, Keith, Rob, Corey, Derek, Martin, Cameron, Melissa P., Elizabeth F., Elizabeth T., Elizabeth S., Andy, Buggs, Anne-Marie, Will, Ben, Sarah, Gwen-Dolen, Paul, CHRISTy, Jennifer A., Brooke, Kat, Christina, Mary, Katie, Mandy, Angela, Lindsie-Bug, Brenda, Katherine, and who could forget, my DEAREST and BESTEST friend in the whole world...yes folks, you guessed it....JULIE!!!!

And my lunch table. You guys, well, I don't know what to say exactly about y'all. You're, er, well, unique!

****This is an official Anti-Celine Dion web site!!!****

On Dis Page!

Things I Love, Things I Hate
The good, the bad, and the ABSOLUTELY...insane
You dumbass! It's a page about me!
My Friends
Yes, it's true, people love me
Stuff I like on the 'Net
My Obsessive Page
I think you ALL know who this is about!
Quoth The Raven...
Kik ass quotes to live Soup and friends
Haiku br David Andrade.....and me sorta
Find out what really goes through the minds of teens these
My Poems
These are just a few of my vast collection of my own poems

You are Cheesie Poof/Crack Whore/Spice Girl number to have visited me!